Fashion Words List

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Fashion Words List

Some people can not do anything to become popular. You have a chance to become a detective to find out what happened in the agency objectmodel Hidden famous. Are you ready to deep into the world of fashion with the new masters hidden object game, a mystery: the crime of Fashion Big Blue Bubble?

History begins with the death of a famous fashion designer Neil Lane. The murder of large sharks in New York turned the world upside below. You play a detective Carrie Chase, whose job is to solve the crime. You have to do much work before understanding which is a killer. Your boss will help you some questions.

New Hidden Masters of Mystery of the game: Crime of Fashion presents a detective story with many levels and puzzles. Your main objective is to find an answer to the question "Who killed Neil Lane? I am sure you will not predict how this story ends. You will face in places such as offices, laboratories and clubs to find clues. Each set of objects hidden, we see a place filled with a quantity different things. This game is no exception. In each room you have a list of things you find. Some of them go to your inventory as things that will help you find other items. UV light or powder for fingerprints are necessities for every policeman. Moreover, the elements are closely related to the scene and story. Only some of them have no bearing on the game, such as sodium hydroxide or photo frame. When you find an item from the list of things needed, just click on it. Sometimes it is not easy to find some of them, so you can use the information. The index looks to views that helps you determine the location of the item. After using one, remember that it needs to be recharged, and then you can use it again. Too, you have a limit in time.But I'm sure that ten minutes will be sufficient to find all the elements.

Detective storyAll levels of the game are connected together with others. If you can not find something on the first level, you will not come to the next. Masters of Mystery: Crime of Fashion includes many different mini-games with puzzles. You have to consider two samples of blood and find differences between them and the matching of fingerprints on a computer based their shape, for example. In addition, for the killer game will send letters to you or to his victims. Each letter is like a jumble of words. You need to fill understand what the murderer wants to say. His words are always very important and interesting game for the player. In general, the game has more than 25 levels and 500 objects to find. Game seems to really be ideal, however, sometimes it's very hard to find items, even using an index. You can really stick for fingerprints or blood samples. Sometimes you want to choose between different rooms, but in Masters of Mystery you do not choice. The room must be completed and only then you will have the opportunity to go to the next.

The animations and dialogue make this game more interesting. If you're in no mood to listen to dialog boxes, you can ignore them. I think the main success of this game is a plot interesting and memorable characters. The graphics are equally involved and it is very easy to understand what you need to find. The music is also pleasant to the ear. This is not a problem. The effects sound design and music scene – all these have been partial Masters of Mystery: Crime of Fashion one of the best hidden object games I've ever seen.

This game is like a story that we create ourselves. A interesting plot, many levels, the tallies, the nice music, nice graphics … I can not repeat all sides positives of this game all day.

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